Pwnium 4 concludes, 1 confirmed winner gets $150,000


Chrome OS is one of the safest operating systems out there, and Google is willing to put their money where their mouth is. Pwnium 4 took place this week, where many developers and researchers tried to show their hacking skills and find Chrome OS vulnerabilities. Available prizes amounted to $2.7 million, but how many got a piece of the pie?

The exact details have not been unveiled, but Google is reporting some great numbers (not for participants). Chrome OS has proven to be amazingly safe, with only one confirmed winner getting a $150,000 price. A second researcher is also being considered for partial credit.

These winners were working with an HP Chromebook 11, which is one of the newest Chromebooks around. It had a bad launch, with issues regarding melting chargers and recalls, but at least Chromebook 11 owners know their information and privacy is pretty safe with these computers.

Google will be giving us a full report on the results of Pwnium 4 soon. Stay tuned to learn more about the numbers!

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