Sega has weird restrictions on Puyo Puyo Tetris video content

If you’ve been keeping up with any non-Switch related industry news this week, you’ll know that Atlus and Persona 5 fans aren’t exactly on the best terms at the moment. The small feud comes at a time when the company has imposed restrictions on streaming or uploading videos of Persona 5 content past a certain point in the game. Now, Sega is doing the same thing with Puyo Puyo Tetris in Japan.

According to the official, Japanese site for Puyo Puyo Tetris, you can’t profit off any gameplay videos unless the site you’re uploading to has some copyright takedown method. As NeoGAF user “Cosmo Clock 21” notes, things get odder:

1) Videos of any gameplay can’t be posted for profit unless the website you upload it to already has a mechanism for copyright takedowns
2) Nothing from Adventure mode, or replays from Adventure mode can be uploaded (there’s a lot of cutscene dialog, like more than you’d expect from a puzzle game)
3) Pretty much every other mode, like classic Tetris endurance, netplay, and local VS, are fine as long as it conforms to 1)
4) You cannot modify the watermark that gets slapped on videos recorded using the XB1/PS4 share feature, and you need to accompany every video you post with a TTC copyright notice

We don’t know if this restriction applies to the upcoming English localization of the game. If we hear anything, you’ll read it here first.

Our take

I’ve never played a Puyo Puyo game, so hearing that there are story-related cutscenes comes as a shocker to me. Seeing Sega be so adamant about these rules is similarly shocking. PS4 exclusive Knack also had video restrictions where it would stop you from recording or broadcasting using the PS4’s Share feature in certain areas. Could more Japanese developers do something similar? Hopefully not.

[via NeoGAF]