Upcoming “Puppy” Chrome OS device to have Tegra 4 chipset [RUMOR]

Proof of a Chrome OS device codenamed “Puppy” has shown up in Google’s Chromium code base. We are not sure whether this device will be a Chromebox or a Chromebook (or anything else, really), but there is one slight bit that has us raising our eyebrows. Said device is being tested with a Dalmore T114 processor, which just so happens to be an NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset.

That is right, a Tegra 4 Chrome OS device could be in the works. The Tegra 4 chipset is optimized for mobile, and it happens to be rather powerful. This is why it comes as a surprise to see that something like this could be in the works. Chrome OS doesn’t need that much power to run like a champ.

Many would argue that there is no need to have a powerful, quad-core, gaming-optimized, ARM Cortex-A15 processor in a Chrome OS device. Remember there might be soon, though. We have been hearing rumors of touchscreen Chromebook coming (and we very well may have even seen it). You probably won’t be running your Tegra-optimized games in a Chromebook, but the “Puppy” could take advantage of other features. 4G LTE and camera optimizations are just a couple in the list.

Nothing is official until it is announced, but if this is to become a reality we will more than likely hear about it at Google IO. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed for more details!

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