Project Cars developer speaks about Wii U version of game


Project Cars is one of the most ambitious games to date, but with several cross-platform games having problems on the Wii U, the developers wanted to make sure that fans know that while the PC is considered the lead platform for the development team, the Wii U version will not be a simple port. In an interview with RevoGamers, developer Andy Tudor discusses the differences:

RG: Regarding the Wii U version, how are you going to use the Gamepad? Will it have Off-TV? Will it use the gyro sensor? Will you be able to use the touch screen to change the camera angles?

AT: As soon as the Wii U was announced we were like `Oh my god, this looks amazing! We need to work on this´. There are loads of ways to use the Gamepad: As the rear-view mirror, or the parameters screen or for storing all HUD elements, or using the gyro to control the car. There are lots of opportunities with the Wii U Gamepad, and we want to use it as much as we can because it´s so cool! There´s also Miiverse, which lets people post screen and post their thoughts on a game… The Wii U is full of opportunities.

Another concern of many gamers is whether or not the Wii U version of the game will be a “dumbed down” version of the PC game that the team is working on. Tudor discusses this as well:

RG: What features of the MADNESS engine will be cut down for the Wii U version in comparison to the PC build?

AT: Well, you´ll need to talk to our code team about that (laughs). But I can tell you that we´re making all the versions at the same time, so it´s not like we´re making the PC version and then we port it to consoles afterwards.
But obviously, each console has its strengths and weaknesses, so the code team will have to make compromises and work out what suits each platform´s strengths better. The PC version, on the other hand, is going to be amazing! It will have the best resolution and the best graphics, obviously. What we´re going to make sure is that the Wii U version is not the worst one, it won´t be a crappy version. We want people to get the game and say `Holy s***, that looks amazing!´

Project Cars was expected to be released early 2014, but it’s now looking like the game will see a Q2 2014 release.