Here’s what real-life tracks look like in Project CARS

Project CARS was scheduled to release last year during the holiday season among a bevy of bigger titles from large publishers before Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco decided to delay not only the Wii U version, but the other console versions as well. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are now set for March 17, 2015 release date, while the PC and Wii U versions are scheduled to come later.

Despite the delay, Slightly Mad Studios has been doing everything it can to continue to hype people for the release of the game. Most notably, the team has been putting together footage from the game that shows a driver in a cockpit, versus a real-life driver with a GoPro camera in the cockpit. As you can see from the video above, the experience is pretty similar.

Are you still excited about the release of Project CARS on the Wii U?