Project CARS developer Ian Bell says “we really dislike Nintendo users”


Project CARS has been a contentious topic for Nintendo fans lately, as the Wii U version that was promised to backers in the original Kickstarter for the game will not happen. This is in stark contrast to the early days of development for the series, where the developers stated that Project CARS worked and looked just fine on the Wii U. After several delays, the developers finally acknowledged that the game will not run on Wii U hardware without serious optimization and they decided to cut their losses.

This has led to Nintendo fans bombarding the official Project CARS forums, asking the dev team why they lied to backers and continued to lie for two years. Slightly Mad Studios’ Ian Bell has had enough and in reply to a long-winded statement, told a user, “we really dislike Nintendo users.” You can see the full conversation that warranted the comment from Ian Bell below. Just click the image to enlarge it.


Slightly Mad Studios has already moved on from Project CARS, with Project CARS 2 already announced and crowdfunding taking place.