Project Cars delayed a third time, still no mention of Wii U


Well this is getting a bit silly. Game delays are pretty common in the gaming industry, as the development team wants to make sure they’re shipping a great product, but the team at Slightly Mad Studios have delayed Project Cars for the third time. While the delay isn’t too bad as it’s only a month out, this is the third time they’ve delayed the game’s release without discussing the Wii U version, which is supposed to be released after the other consoles. We don’t like to raise a stink, but this sounds suspiciously like what happened with the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The announcement of the delay was given on Bandai Namco’s EU website, where the developers stated the delay was because they wanted to deliver the most polished product to their die-hard fans. Here’s the snippet of the announcement:

Again, we want to thank our fans for their support and patience on this matter. There’s a high expectancy from racing fans around the world that Project CARS is going to be an exciting new contender in the simulation racing space and we firmly believe gamers deserve it to be in its most complete and polished state when they come to play it on day one.

And since the gaming community is our primary focus and has always been at the heart of the project during development, we would like to offer some free content to all players as compensation for this short delay and as acknowledgement of how grateful we are. This gift, that we’re sure is going to excite fans, will be available from day one and revealed shortly. Keep an eye on our website for more info.

Of course, the delay for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of the game mean the Wii U version will be pushed back as well, if it’s still in the works at all. So far we’ve not heard anything from Bandai Namco or Slightly Mad Studios in regards to the Wii U version, so forgive us if we sound less than optimistic that the Wii U version is getting shafted here. Hopefully that’s not the case, but Aliens: Colonial Marines is still fresh in our minds.