President Obama to hold a Hangout “Road Trip” after State of the Union speech

Obama Hangout Road Trip

President Obama’s yearly State of the Union address is scheduled for next Tuesday at 9 PM EST. Surely, we will have a lot of questions and suggestions. It’s hard to get answers directly from the President, but Google is making history this year – Obama is holding a Google+ Hangout to clear your doubts.

They are calling this a “Hangout Road Trip”, because President Obama will be addressing questions from all over the country. This will take place the Friday after the State of the Union speech. That would be January 31st.

How can I participate?

Those who want to participate and ask a question can be considered. Just record a 60-second video with your name, location, information about yourself and the question you would like to ask. Then simply post it on YouTube or Google+ and share it publicly using the hashtag #AskObama2014.

Google will also air the State of the Union address live on YouTube, as well as the Republican response. It’s interesting to see Google play such a big role in this yearly event. Getting time from the President’s schedule can’t be easy! Tune in and see what our country is looking like lately.