Would you pay for a premium music video service from YouTube?


Most people can agree that YouTube is the best video streaming service in the world. People use it to share personal memories, musicians and actors use it to connect with their followers, and vloggers become celebrities bigger than said stars, sometimes. Surely, it is one of Google’s best assets and they are definitely monetizing it, but what if they wanted to charge for premium services?

Rumors say YouTube is getting ready to offer music video subscriptions to the public. Now don’t freak out just yet. Reports state users will still be able to watch music videos for free, but premium users will get some extra goodies.

Word says subscribers will be able to “pin” music videos to their devices. This means you will be able to download them for later viewing (even if you are offline when watching it). In addition, said users will not be bothered by annoying advertising, which is a huge incentive on its own.

I am not looking forward to paying anything for YouTube music videos, but we are sure some of you might be interested in the offered features. Are you jumping on board with this?

[via Phandroid]