DigitalFoundry compares Pokken Tournament Wii U vs. Switch

Nintendo had a pretty beefy demo with Pokken Tournament DX at E3 and thankfully, the folks over at Digital Foundry were able to get their hands on the demo to give it a whirl with all their technical prowess.

Their findings were pretty interesting. According to them, the demo runs at a smooth 60fps and 1280 x 720p. The Wii U version of the game only ran at 960 x 720p, so there’s definitely an upgrade there along with various other Switch improvements.

It’s sounding like if you missed out on Pokken Tournament on Wii U, this is definitely the version to get. Don’t forget than an update a few weeks ago made the Pokken Tournament Pad compatible with the Switch, too.

Pokken Tournament DX- $59.99