New firmware update makes Pokken Tournament gamepad work on Switch

The Switch got a big firmware update last night, bringing several changes and new additions to the way the system software works. Also among that update was support for the Pokken Tournament Pro Pad that HORI released last year with Pokken Tournament. It’s the same Pro Pad that the arcade version of Pokken Tournament uses.

Pokken Tournament DX for Switch is coming on September 22nd and of course the pad will work with that, but it would be an odd choice for other games considering it doesn’t have a set of analog sticks. However, classic platformers and other titles that don’t rely on the analog sticks for input will work just fine with it.

If you don’t have one and you’d like to get one before the game releases later this year, Amazon has the yellow Pikachu edition for only $24. The standard colored pad is also available for around $30.

Pokken Tournament Pro Pad – $24