Pokemon X & Y will require 14,000 blocks of memory


Over the past few months we’ve seen game sizes for digital downloads go up tremendously, which is bad news for those who are still rocking those 2GB or 4GB cards that ship with the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. Thankfully Nintendo opted to go with cheap SD cards as memory instead of the Sony proprietary method. If you’re like me and you download most all of your 3DS games, you’ve got a 32GB SD card popped in there.

Pokemon X & Y will be taking up 14,000 of your memory blocks, which equates to about 1.7GB of actual space. You can also check out the Japanese packaging for Pokemon X & Y above. Each of these bundles has the game pre-installed and we expect similar bundles to launch in Europe and the United States once the game is available.

So, will you be upgrading your SD card?