Pokemon Sun and Moon updated to version 1.2

Developer Game Freak has released a brand new update for their hugely popular Pokemon Sun and Moon games. Update 1.2 brings some bug fixes and tweaks to the game, and is required for online battles.

The 1.2 update adds the following fixes to the game (official patch notes):

  • Pokémon being unable to attack and switch when Sky Drop is used and when knocked out by damage done by Spiky Shield.
  •  A glitch in Poké Pelago when entering a new month.
  •  A rare case where the game ends after using an Evolution item as the last item in your Bag.
  • Scatterbug sometimes not learning Egg Moves.
  •  Eggs sometimes being able to be given items.
  •  A glitch ending the tournament when pre-registered for an online Friendly Competition (e.g. entry gets canceled or the Battle Teams get unlocked).

The update notes also warn players that “once version 1.2 has been installed, any Battle Videos saved prior to the update cannot be played or shared.”

Pokemon Sun and Moon have sold over 15 million units since their launched just over a year ago. It’s been Nintendo’s best selling game over the past year.