Pokemon Go now makes $10 million in daily revenue

pokemon go revenue

There’s no sign of the Pokemon Go fever going away anytime soon. While Nintendo’s stock normalized after the initial boom, the game’s popularity has been steadily growing.

Pokemon Go has now been downloaded over 100 million times worldwide on iOS and Android, which makes it by far the most popular mobile game in history.

And Pokemon Go revenue shows it as well: according to estimates from App Annie, Pokemon Go generates $10 million in daily revenue.

Since Nintendo owns the majority of The Pokemon company (both directly and indirectly), it’s safe to say that many of those millions will end up in its pockets.

Nintendo’s stock value skyrocketed after the release of the game, but it settled down a bit after most investors realized it was held up artificially with hype from Pokemon Go.

However, there’s no denying that the success of the game has had a very positive impact on Nintendo’s stock: it still trades at 45% higher than it did before the release of Pokemon Go. No other Nintendo game has ever had that sort of impact on its stock.