Anker is releasing Pokemon Go themed phone accessories

Anker has established itself as a great company to buy accessories and cables for your various electronics, especially when it comes to power banks. We tested out a few different power banks for the Nintendo Switch and found Anker to be the best, so it’s no surprise that they’re working on a series of Pokemon Go-themed accessories.

While they seem to be exclusive for Japan for now, it looks like there will be colored power banks for the three Pokemon Go teams, as well as a Bluetooth speaker and some iPhone cases. The colored power banks are probably the most interesting item, since they’ll let you instantly identify team allegiance.

The power banks will be available in two sizes, 10,000mAh and 5,200mAh. No word on when they’ll be available in the United States, or if they will be.

Anker Power Bank 20,000mAh – $65.99