The Pokemon Company finally shows off Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go was the cause of quite a bit of excitement when it was announced last year, but we haven’t heard much about the game since then. Niantic was scheduled to give a presentation at GDC concerning the app, but that presentation was cancelled at the last minute.

Now Niantic and The Pokemon Company are finally sharing more details about how the game works and it looks like that rumored footage showcased from a SXSW presentation was pretty spot on. As we knew previously, catching Pokemon will vary according to where you are in the world. If you want to catch water pokemon, you’ll need to find a body of water.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.05.24 AM

Additionally, wandering around outside will vibrate your phone to let you know there is a Pokemon nearby and you can get more Pokeballs from PokeStops, which are supposed to be located at places of interest, like historical markers and public art installations. PokeStops will aso have Pokemon eggs for sale, which can be hatched by walking a certain number of steps.

As you play the game, your Pokemon will level up and evolve and you’ll be able to use them to participate in gym battles. Players will be able to join three different teams and Gyms will be located at different places around the world. Beating a player at a gym will allow you to claim a location’s gym and you’ll need to fend off other players who can steal the gym from you.

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The last piece of info is that there will be a Fitbit-like accessory in the shape of a Google Maps pointer and colored like a PokeBall. This wrist accessory is called the Pokemon Go Plus and it will alert players to what’s going on in the world without needing to pull out their phones.

What do you think of everything we know about the game so far? Will you be playing it when it’s released sometime this year?