Pocket Casts gets Chromecast support


When it comes to podcast apps, Pocket Casts has to be one of the best apps we have seen. The app is mature, full-featured, well-designed and offers a great variety of shows to choose from. What could make it better? Chromecast support, of course!

That is exactly what the latest update to the Pocket Casts app brings. You can now send your audio or video podcasts straight to your TV. It’s pretty straight forward – just choose your Chromecast device from the Chromecast button and press play.

What makes Pocket Casts special?

Of course, Chromecast may be an important factor for us, but it won’t make or break this app. Pocket Casts has built its reputation on quality and there are many reasons for that. Let’s go over some of its main features.

  • The app syncs across all your Android/iOS tablets and smartphones.
  • You can control the speed of the audio.
  • Great interfaces optimized for both smartphones and tablets.
  • Supports video and audio podcasts, and you can toggle video off if you want.
  • Supports widget, headphone controls, notification controls and lockscreen controls.
  • Features a sleep timer.
  • And of course, Chromecast support!

There are many other features you can check out. We only listed our very favorite ones. Do keep in mind this is a paid app, but it does offer quality. You can get it from the Google Play Store for $3.99 or from the Apple App Store for $4.49.