Plex now offers Chromecast support to all users, not just subscribers


Plex can be considered one of Chromecast’s first supporters. The popular media server baked Chromecast support into their app along with the first major batch of supported apps. This still wasn’t a feature all of us could enjoy, though.

Sadly (for most of us), only PlexPass subscribers could take advantage of the mobile app’s ability to stream content to Google’s HDMI dongle. This premium subscription is not exactly the cheapest, not to mention most people don’t have a need for it. PlexPass costs $3.99 a month, $29.99 a year or $74.99 for a lifetime pass.

With the latest update to Plex’s iOS and Android apps, they have made life easier for users of the free Plex version. Now all Plex users can have Chromecast support, whether they pay for PlexPass or not.

This does not mean the service is completely free, though. No matter how you look at it, being able to cast Plex content will cost at least a bit. The Plex app costs $4.99 from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

What is Plex?

For those who don’t know about Plex, it’s a media server that allows you to share files and media across your network. You can, for example, create a media server from your desktop computer. Its files would then be shared with all other devices in your network.

It is a good service and it has a strong fan base. It might be worth a try if you need an easy way to share files within your house or office.