Plex coming to Chromecast?


New hints in the Plex software suggest that the service is soon to get Chromecast support. A file named “Chromecast.xml” shows up in the Profiles folder, in the software files. This is proof that the media server’s team is actively working with it.


We know many companies are actively working with Chromecast support. Hell, even TicTacToe games are joining the party, but there is much more to Plex than meets the eye. We are so excited about this service because it creates computer server that allows local and cloud streaming to your devices.

Google hasn’t allowed local streaming so far, and popular developer Koush can attest to that very fact! But Plex works a little different – you would be streaming something that is streamed from your computer. This would probably make local streaming possible.


We are still not sure when Plex could be getting Chromecast support. It could very well be after Google opens up Chromecast’s API to the developer community. This would make Plex one of multiple local media streaming Chromecast apps.

Regardless, it is a very popular app many of us love to use. It is nice to see the team actively experimenting and working with Chromecast support.