Play Pikmin 3 this weekend at EB Games or GameStop

Nintendo must have found their hands-on stations at Best Buys during E3 rather successful, because they’re at it again, this time with Pikmin 3.

President of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime has announced that on the 20th and 21st of July, fans will be able to play Pikmin 3 at select GameStop locations in the U.S. and EB Games stores in Canada.

Players who visit any participating store to play Pikmin 3 will be able to download the full digital version of the game on August 3rd, one full day before the game’s launch.

Reggie added that over 250 locations across the U.S. and Canada will be participating in this hands-on experience.

For more details on the hands-on experience, visit your local GameStop or check out their website.

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