Platinum Games thanks fans who bought Bayonetta 2


Today, Akiko Kuroda, the producer on Bayonetta 2 updated the Platinum Games blog with a new post that shows the Japanese launch of the game. Despite only selling about 30k copies during its first week on sale and swiftly falling off the charts there, Kuroda wanted to thank hardcore fans of the series for being so dedicated to the game. Of course, Kuroda reiterated that without Nintendo’s support, the game would not have been made.

Kuroda also shared some pictures from the Russian launch of the game, were a special deck of cards were made available to fans that appeared at the midnight launch even for the game. Special treats for those fans included a pack of 22 tarot cards that resemble the cards used by Loki in the game.


The cards were only made available in Russia, so if you like them you’ll have to do some internet haggling in order to find them. The other big info from the post is two secrets revealed, one involving halos in the game and the other the Fox McCloud suit that you can dress Bayonetta in. Have you found both of those secrets yet? If not, head over to the Platinum Games blog and check it out!