Platinum Games shares New Years message and thanks fans for Bayonetta 2 support

Platinum Games has posted a short video from its CEO thanking fans for supporting Bayonetta 2 and its Legend of Korra game, both of which released last year. Bayonetta 2 spent an especially long time in development thanks to Platinum’s dedication to perfection and despite the nearly two year delay from the announcement of the Wii U, the game has been one of the best action titles on any console since the original Bayonetta.

Hi everyone, Happy New Year from PlatinumGames.

In 2014, we were able to see the sequel to Bayonetta, our flagship title, released to the world, as well as the release of The Legend of Korra, a game available only outside of Japan.

I’d like to express my thanks to all of our fans who supported us by purchasing and playing these titles, and to the staff who worked so hard to make these games’ releases possible.

As a video game developer, a new year doesn’t actually mark an achievement in the history of our company. Our milestones are made when we finish a game and can release it to our fans. Each of those successive milestones has brought PlatinumGames to where it is today.

One way we gauge the success of a game is if our users finish it and think, “I want more.” We strongly believe that Bayonetta 2 would not have been possible without the critical reception of the first. Both of these games represent important milestones for our company, and we are deeply proud of them.

It’s nice to see Platinum acknowledging that the second game wouldn’t have been possible without dedicated fans. Have you played Bayonetta 2 yet?