Wii U sales in Japan double after Pikmin 3 release


Hardware and software sales are in for Japan this week and they contain a surprising notion for those who insist Pikmin 3 is not a system seller. The game has only been available 2 days out of the week that these sales are for, but in that short time, the game has sold over 92,000 copies in Japan.

Wii U sales are also more than double compared to the previous week, with more than 22,000 units moving in a single week, compared to only 8,000 last week. The closest selling software title was for the Yokai Watch for the 3DS, bringing in 53,000 sales, while the closest selling console was the PlayStation Vita at 15,000 sold.

It will be interesting to see sales numbers from Europe and North America once the game is released in these regions.