Pikmin 3 gameplay footage

Pikmin 3 gameplay
Pikmin 3 is one of Nintendo’s launch titles for the Wii U, and was the main attraction at E3 2012. We have about 8 minutes of off-screen footage from the game, showing off the Trial Mode. In Pikmin 3’s Trial Mode, the player has to collect all the fruit on the level with the help of the Pikmin. We have to say that the colorful HD graphics of Pikmin 3 look absolutely gorgeous. Officially, Pikmin 3 is one of the Wii U launch titles, however, it’s uncertain whether it will launch with the console, or a bit later. Recently, it was revealed that another “launch title”, New Super Mario Bros U, will actually launch after the Wii U console hits the store shelves. Head on after the break for the Pikmin 3 Trail Mode gameplay video.