New Pier Solar HD trailer shows off gameplay

We wrote about Pier Solar HD a few weeks ago, which had a playable demo at E3. The game was originally conceived as a Kickstarter project that received twice the funding it asked for and will now be hitting several platforms, including the Wii U. Developer WaterMelon Games has been adamant in describing the game as a return to JRPG classics.

Pier Solar HD will have more than 50 hours of play with 300 locations to explore. Aside from its release on the Wii U, the game will be heading to Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC, Android, and yes even the defunct Sega Dreamcast. For the Wii U release of the game, WaterMelon has paid special attention to the second screen of the GamePad.

On Wii U, we’re definitely putting the second screen to good use, a feature that will be exclusive of that platform — well, maybe not for long if we end up making it to the 3DS, but that’s for later.

There’s no solid release date for the game yet, but the team aims to have the game available by April.