There is no better match than Android and Chrome. Google’s browser and operating systems work perfectly together, and we know many of you sport this combination. Our sister site covers all there is to know about Android, from news to reviews and tutorials. And now you can easily get your Android fix from your Chrome browser or Chromebook!

Our brothers at have just released a Chrome extension for their sites. The Phandroid Chrome extension places a nifty button in your Extension bar, which gives you quick access to all the latest Android content. It literally works as a feed for the site, offering information in a clean and simple manner.

Phandroid Chrome extension features


  • Displays article cards with the title and thumbnail that describe the content at hand.
  • Read articles are markes as “Read” with a washed out effect.
  • Unread articles are bolder and more colorful.
  • You can mark articles as Read or Unread.
  • There is a link to the homepage, and clicking on articles will open a new Chrome tab with the selected article.

Phandroid Chrome extension settings

Much like the extension, the settings are also very straight-forward and simple to operate. Simply access the options page (here is an article that shows you how to access Chrome extensions’ options) and you will be presented with two settings.

  • Update interval: allows you to select how often you want the extension’s content to be refreshed.
  • Max Notifications: allows you to select how many new notifications can be triggered after every refresh.

Download the Phandroid Chrome extension!

If you are a Phandroid reader and Chrome user this is a must-have (and if you don’t use Chrome, you are really missing out!). You can download the extension straight from the Chrome Web Store and check it out!

Download the Phandroid Chrome extension for all your Android news

All relations aside, I think the extension is well-designed and I have found no issues with it. Our developer, Steve Albright, did a great job and I’m sure the extension will only get better.

And don’t forget we also have Android apps for Phandroid and Chromespot available in the Google Play Store! You might want to check those out if you want to stay updated on your Chrome and Android news.