PayDay 2 coming to Switch this year

Nintendo Switch is getting more third-party support with PayDay 2 later this year. The game will feature four-player co-op, as you try to break into vaults together.

According to the Nintendo Direct, there will be a “huge amount of content,” which supposedly includes some of the DLC that has been released — and PayDay 2 has gotten lots of DLC since its release

Published by 505 Games, PayDay 2 was originally released back in 2013 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, and in 2015 it was added to the PS4 and Xbox One as the “Crimewave Edition”, and last year, another edition, “PayDay 2 The Big Score” was released on the PS4 and Xbox One, which included all of the DLC released previously.

Hopefully this is the version that the Switch will get, but considering the track record of 505 Games, they will most likely have some DLC for the Switch version as well.

PayDay and PayDay 2 have combined sold almost 10 million copies to date, according to parent company Starbreeze Studios.