Tennessee lawmaker urges lynching be legalized [VIDEO]

For those who say racism doesn’t exist, send them this video of Tennessee Republican Paul Sherrell, requesting an amendment to a bill that would make “hanging by tree” a legal form of capital punishment.

Sherrell is the District 43 Representative in the Tennessee General Assembly.

That such a barbaric, hateful, tasteless comment could be uttered by an elected official truly makes you wonder how these “officials” were voted into office in the first place. This is your daily reminder: it’s fine to vote your personal interests but vote with your conscience, too.

There’s a reason that Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” was named Time’s “Song of the Century”… but the story it tells has no business in our millenium.

Who in Tennessee will stand up for what’s right?

Shut the front door on racism.

Impeach Paul Sherrell.