Opera browser now based on Chromium


Before Chrome was even released, there was an awesome browser all the cool kids in school were using. Opera was light, faster, simpler and overall better compared to other browsers. Chrome quickly became the best option, but it seems Opera is making a big move today – their updated Windows and Mac browser now runs on the Chromium engine.

The open source Chromium engine replaces Opera’s Presto engine. This was a very good engine in terms of performance, but the power and popularity of Chrome offers some great benefits. Opera has issues with web compatibility sometimes, and the fact of the matter is that Chromium does make it faster.

Aside from compatibility and performance, we are not sure how much Opera will borrow from Chrome. Maybe give users access to the Chrome Web Store? Seems hard to believe but weirder things have happened. Opera does have some nice features of its own, so those who still use it will be delighted.

Discover is one of them:

Want to check out Opera and see how much it has improved? You can go ahead and download it to check it out. It will take much more to drive me away from Chrome, though.