“OK Google” hotword extension now being integrated into Chrome


We have been using the Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta) for a while now, but it is only an extension. Not all users are enjoying it, and it is clearly an important part of Google’s future. This feature is expected to be embedded in Chrome at some point in the future, and now we know Google is working on that.

The Chromium team has started working on this feature already. Once completed, it would bring this feature directly to the settings, instead of being a completely separate extension. The native version of the hotword function will be a bit different, though, it will be some sort of toggle you can turn on at will.


In a nutshell, it will be much more integrated. Chrome would listen until you say “OK Google” and then examine the sound right after that, as well as a few seconds before. Currently, two main settings are in the works: the ability to allow hotword in Incognito Mode, as well as having it be automatically deactivated after 5 minutes.

Google is really pushing for voice interactions in all its products, so expect the hotword detection to become much more evolved and engrained in Google’s services.

[François Beaufort]