Oddworld creator: I have no faith in the Switch

Lorne Lanning, creator of the platformer Oddworld, recently shared his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. And he is not a fan.

Lanning said that he has no faith in the Switch console, based on his previous experience with Nintendo.

“I don’t have faith. I have no faith. It’s due to experience. I see a similar level of success than they had with previous generations. Wii U, Wii.

By the end of the life of the Wii, who else was making money aside from Nintendo? How many titles sold for the Wii that weren’t Nintendo first-party?”

He added that the Switch being a mobile console isn’t necessarily a good thing, because it means that it’s using “underpowered” hardware and that developers have to spend more time on getting games on the console.

Then he spoke about Nintendo as a company and about their way of thought:

“The thinking has to change. The biggest problem I see at Nintendo is the thinking. Personally, I think it killed Iwata; that he couldn’t move the organisation into a really successful arena.

It’s a tragedy because Nintendo brought this business back… we’re all playing today because of Nintendo’s valiantness – then they controlled quality, they had controls which were really part of its longevity and made the game business a valid space again.”

He later clarified his statement about Iwata via Twitter, saying that it was worded poorly:

He made his comments during a lengthy interview with Kinda Funny’s GameOverGreggy Show. His talk about the Switch starts at around 12:00.