Nvidia had high praise for Nintendo Switch during earnings call

Yesterday Nvidia held its earnings call for the financial quarter, where investors could ask the top brass of the company about their plans for the future. There were a handful of interesting questions about Nvidia getting into the console business thanks to the success of the Nintendo Switch. The company had high praise for their partnership with Nintendo, saying this was a near perfect collaboration between the two companies.

Q: Great. As a follow-up, with your win and success in Nintendo Switch, does that open up the console market with other console makers? Is that a business that is of interest to you?

A: Consoles is not really a business to us. It’s a business to them. And we’re selected to work on these consoles. And if it makes sense and the strategic alignment is great and we’re in a position to be able to do it, because the opportunity cost of building a game console is quite high. The number of engineers who know how to build computing platforms like this – and in the case of the Nintendo Switch, it’s just an incredible console that fits in such a small form factor. And it could both be a mobile gaming device as well as a console gaming device. It’s just really quite amazing, and they just did an amazing job.

Nvidia goes on to say that they believe the Nintendo Switch is a “really, really innovative product and really quite ingenious.” He praises Nintendo’s efforts on the system and says the opportunity for Nvidia to help out was a home run for the company.

But in the case of the Nintendo Switch, it’s just a home run. I’m so glad I did it, and it was the perfect collaboration for us.

Nvidia themselves are making bank on the Nintendo Switch thanks to the Tegra processor inside the console. The financial report revealed that Nvidia’s earnings are up 108% from the same time a year ago and they’re up 29% sequentially compared to last quarter. This bodes well for both companies.

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