Nope, 3DS is not dead. It just had its best month since 2014

Many have wondered if Nintendo would discontinue the 3DS because there’s a new kid on the block called the Switch, which is also a portable console.

Nintendo has denied this and it seems that the most recent sales data will shut up 3DS critics for a while.

That’s because last month the 3DS family of consoles has its best selling month since December of 2014. And that’s despite the competition from smartphones and now its big brother, the Switch.

The 3DS sold 750,000 units in December in the US. That’s very impressive for an aging console. It helps that the new 2DS XL was released last Summer.

As for the Switch, it sold 1.5 million units in the US in December.

Nintendo sold 2.6 million hardware units in December, split between the Switch, 3DS, and SNES Mini. A quick use of the calculator tells us the SNES Mini sold about 350,000 units in December in the US alone.