PSA: You can no longer install Chromebook extensions outside the Chrome Web Store


You may recall when we reported on the newest Chrome OS security features. The Chrome team was working on blocking any extension that doesn’t come from the Chrome Web Store. This was said to come into effect on January, for Chrome and Chrome Beta for Windows, but it seems Google moved a little faster with Chrome OS.

Chrome extensions outside the Chrome Web Store are no longer allowed on Chrome OS (Chromebooks). Trying to do so will result in the following message being displayed:


It’s nice to see Google is still giving us a way to install outside extensions, though. As I explained in the previous post regarding this matter, I use certain extensions that are only meant to be used by members of the company I work for. To us, uploading these extensions to the Chrome Web Store is simply not an option.

You can tell Chrome that you want to install these extensions by going to the Extensions Page. This means you can still download and manually install your extensions. The only difference is that now websites can’t push extensions to your computer.

[François Beaufort]