Nintendo: You’d want to use Wii U every day

Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo is pushing the Wii U to be much more than a gaming machine. The console will launch with Netflix support, and other streaming apps like Hulu, Amazon, and even YouTube. Because of this, and the new Wii U GamePad and its features, former Nintendo manager David Yarnton believes that gamers and people alike will use the Wii U every day. In the latest issue UK tech trade paper MCV, Yarnton said “The Wii U is something we want people to pick up every day”, adding, “not only for gaming, but for watching TV and online browsing as well”.

Yarnton added that the Wii U will be a such revolutionary and unprecedented product that people won’t realize they needed a device like that. Pretty much how Apple saw the introduction of the iPhone and iPad. We’ll have to wait and see how the Wii U situation pans out. There is no doubt that the console is revolutionary, in that it’s the first major gaming console to add a secondary screen to the controller, in addition to featuring a whole slew of motion controls.

The Wii U will include a “second screen experience” in Wii U channels like movie streams. For example, when watching movies via Netflix, the tablet screen will display information about the content watched on the main screen, with chapter selection, IMDB info, and more. Nintendo has allowed app developers to use the secondary screen however they see fit.