Nintendo wins patent against Tech Properties Limited et al.

Nintendo 3DS XL Curtain Call

In July of last year the patent-licensing companies Technology Properties Limited LLC, Phoenix Digital Solutions LLC and Patriot Scientific Corporation filed a lawsuit against Nintendo at the International Trade Commission claiming that the Nintendo 3DS and DSi systems violated three of their patents.The three companies were seeking damages, legal costs and prejudgment interest from Nintendo.

As of last week the ITC confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS and DSi systems did not, in fact, infringe on the three asserted patents.

Richard Medway, Nintendo of America’s vice president and deputy general counsel had this to say about the case:

“We are very pleased with the commission’s determination, which confirmed the judge’s finding that Nintendo’s products do not infringe the asserted patent. Nintendo’s track record demonstrates that we vigorously defend patent lawsuits, including cases in the ITC, when we believe we have not infringed another party’s patent. Nintendo continues to develop unique and innovative products while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.”

Do you all have any opinions on this? Are you glad to hear this case has been cleared up in Nintendo’s favor?

[Source: Business Wire]