Nintendo was the most traded Japanese stock in 2016, beating out Toyota

Nintendo was the most traded stock on the Japanese Nikkei stock market in 2016. That’s thanks to Pokemon Go, which attracted lots of investor interest — everyone was flocking to trade Nintendo shares because of Pokemon Go hype.

In total, the trading volume for Nintendo’s stock in Japan quadrupled in 2016 to a massive $157 billion. That’s more than car maker Toyota. It’s the first time Nintendo was the most traded stock since data became available 20 years ago, Nikkei reports.

And it’s not just trading volume that Nintendo saw spike in 2016, it’s actual share price rose dramatically as well, especially during the Pokemon Go hype last Summer.

Over the past year, Nintendo shares are up 60%. And in 2017, it should continue to rise, thanks to the success of the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch is doing so well that Nintendo believes it can outsell the Wii.