Nintendo themed face plates to be available for the upcoming 3DS


There was a new Nintendo Direct earlier today and we got a whole slew of news. Among other things, we know more about Amiibo, and we know that Xenoblade fans are having pretty much the best day ever. But probably the most interesting announcement was the reveal of a new and more powerful model of 3DS. If you’re a fan of a more personalized 3DS than there’s some additional good news for you as Nintendo has also revealed that a series of 38 “face plates” will be available for the system.

These plates, known as Kisekae Plates in Japan, will snap on to the back of the 3DS and provide a little personalization for fashion-conscious gamer. The plates come in all sorts of different designs from simple colors and patterns, to themed ones; with the main series represented being Mario, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter. It also looks like you’ll be able to mix an match different top and bottom plates, allowing for unique combinations

What do you all think of this? Do you think you’ll be buying a custom face plate for your new 3DS? If so, do you have a particular design that calls out to you? Aside from Mario, Monster Hunter and Animal Crossing, are there any other series you’d like to see represented as a face plate?

[Source: Nintendo]