Nintendo Switch Sold Out? Try the Switch Lite

To the delight of online service providers, American households are seeking household entertainment in record numbers thanks to Quarantine life Some of the company’s making out best: Amazon, Netflix, and you guessed it- Nintendo.

Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch, more specifically, are the latest obsession of anyone lucky enough to own them. Unfortunately, if you don’t yet own a Nintendo Switch, that’s probably because it’s basically sold out everywhere.

The good news is that the Nintendo Switch Lite is widely available and it makes a great alternative.

Nintendo Switch vs. Switch Lite

Let’s take a look at the key differences

The biggest difference between the Switch and Switch Lite is that the latter is purely a handheld gaming device. It’s a one player personal console that you cannot display on your TV, unlike the full Switch Console which can be removed from its dock for handheld play.

The screen size on the Switch Lite is a tiny bit smaller but both devices have a screen resolution of 720p. The Switch Lite, however, has a much smaller frame.

The smaller size could be seen as a shortcoming but because it’s built purely as a handheld device it is a unibody frame. The full-size switch has detachable joycons that weigh on its durability. The smaller size, lighter weight, and unibody design also make the Switch Lite more portable. If you plan on playing on the couch while watching TV, in bed before you sleep, or taking it on the road (once they open up), the Switch Lite is much more accommodating as a handheld device.

The biggest difference between the two is the price. The Switch Lite is only $200 while the full-size Switch is normally $300. But these aren’t normal times and you could be shelling out $400 or $500 to obtain a used Switch for at least the next month.

Don’t overpay for a second-hand Nintendo Switch! The Switch Lite is a worthy alternative and perhaps even the better choice if you value portability, durability, and value.