Nintendo Switch Controllers are called “Joy-Con”

The Nintendo Switch Console has been released but among its most interesting features are the controllers, which are officially called Joy-Con. Each console comes with 2 right out of the box and they are available in Neon Blue and Neon Red.

When playing the full console version the Joy-con are attached to the Joy-Con Grip which is essentially the middle part of a normal gamepad. The left and right side slide off and each side becomes it’s own one handed Wii-like controller called the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

It connects to a piece that include a prominent L and R button which allow for a lot more functionality.

The announcement presentation showed a lot of awesome ways the Switch Joy-Cons will be used in various gameplay scenarios and we’re really excited to see what game devs come up with to utilize the unique features of the Switch console and accessories.

Are you a fan of the Switch Joy-Con? Do you hate them? Or maybe you’ll wait to test them out and hope they grow on you?