Despite reports, the Nintendo Switch is extremely durable

Over the past month we’ve seen lots of interest in the Nintendo Switch, especially surrounding its durability. We’ve had a few emails from parents asking how durable the device is compared to something like an iPad, which the Nintendo Switch resembles. We’ve also gotten a few questions about our reports of Joy-Con disconnection issues and the Nintendo Switch bending while docked.

Those things are all a pretty small portion of current Nintendo Switch sales, which has made it the fastest-selling console in Nintendo’s history in the United States. In fact, sales are so good that Nintendo has doubled its production order for the console to 20 million units to be produced in 2017.

That says a lot of confidence is behind the machine from Nintendo’s standpoint, but what about consumers who seem to be reporting all these issues you hear about? Well, we’ve taken a look at some of the more popular destructive YouTubers who put new technology to the test and they’ve got some positively glowing things to say about the Nintendo Switch’s durability.

JerryRigEverything is quite famous for his attempts to destroy modern smartphones; many people tune into his videos to see how the hardware will hold up since a smartphone is something that goes with us everywhere. The Nintendo Switch is no different in its portability, so it makes sense that it would be put through the same tests to which we’d subject a smartphone to test durability.

The Switch comes out of this one with flying colors and earns his approval. But is that still not enough Switch abuse for you? Think that test wasn’t hard enough on the Switch? How about this one where it’s dropped 11 times onto hard concrete?

For those of you who weren’t keeping track, GizmoSlip subjects the Nintendo Switch to the following in his video:

  • 11 drops into concrete
  • 30 indoor trick shot attempts
  • 20 outdoor throws
  • Multiple juggling attempts

And it’s still going strong. In fact, the only takeaway from either one of these videos is that the Switch is about as durable as those old Nokia 3310 phones, but just like those phones the screen is made of plastic and can scratch very easily. Put a screen protector on your Nintendo Switch to avoid that.

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