A Nintendo Switch dev kit costs $450, 5x cheaper than Wii U

Nintendo has revealed just how much game developers have to pay for a Nintendo Switch dev kit: around $450 (50,000 Yen). The news comes from the Game Creators Conference in Japan, where Nintendo’s Masaru Mitsuyoshi revealed to the audience what they need to pay to get a dev kit.

This is the price that Nintendo Switch dev kit will cost going forwards, so it’s possible that Nintendo charged something else for those Switch dev kits that are already out there (or they gave them away for free).

The Nintendo Switch dev kit price includes all of the needed software libraries as well (which is common for dev kits).

Nintendo Switch dev kit price compared to Wii U

By comparison, the Wii U dev kit was rumored to cost around $2,500. However, that dev kit included a lot of hardware both for the console and the GamePad controller .

Either way, this is great news for developers, especially smaller developer who won’t need to spend that much money up front to make Switch games.

For the price of a single Wii U dev kit, developers can get five Switch dev kits to work with.

Nintendo Switch dev kit price