Anyone having problems with their Nintendo Switch cracking?

Now that people have had their Nintendo Switch consoles for a while now, we’ve seen various issues crop up. The latest seems to be stress cracks that appear in the plastic around the power button, like you can see in the following pictures. These were uploaded to the Nintendo Switch subreddit with the title, “Check the back of your Switch, cracks forming near power button!”

In that post on reddit, several other people comment and say that they’ve seen this issue with the Nintendo Switch. Several people report a hairline fracture right in the same spot next to the power button, while others report that the plastic cracked enough for a large piece of it to fall out.

This is another Switch that is exhibiting the same issue, so it seems like it’s something that could be happening to a handful of people. Some people are suggesting that the heat and expansion of the housing while playing may be stressing the plastic, but as far as we know that’s just speculation for now.

How does your Nintendo Switch look around the power button? Have you noticed any hairline fractures anywhere else?

[via reddit]

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