Nintendo Switch companion app launches on July 21st

Nintendo has announced that its much-anticipated online app for the Switch will launch on July 21st — same launch date as Splatoon 2. Somehow we don’t think this is a coincidence.

The app will be used to handle voicechat through Nintendo’s cumbersome system, where headphones are plugged into the smarthpone, which itself is plugged into the Switch console.

Splatoon 2 will get its own section on the app, called SplatNet 2, to handle all game-related stuff, such as stats tracking, voice chat, friends lists, and more.

Here are some first looks at the new Switch companion app, and how it works with Splatoon 2.

The app launches on July 21st (same day as Splatoon 2) and will of course be free to download.

Nintendo Switch companion app iamges

Nintendo Switch online app launches on July 21st