Best Buy opening at 12 Midnight for Nintendo Switch Launch

Considering that the Nintendo Switch is sold out on Amazon, many gamers will be buying their console at Best Buy, where it is still available for Pre-Order. Store pickup is free and so is shipping by the March 3rd release date, but perhaps most exciting is that Best Buy will let you grab your gear at the precise moment the clock strikes midnight.

That’s right: hundreds of Best Buy stores will open at 12 midnight (March 2nd into 3rd) to hand the Nintendo Switch consoles to their rightful owners. You can find the full list of Best Buy locations opening at midnight here: just click your state in the dropdown.

I can already imagine the humongous lines that will form. There is no telling if Best Buy will have NEW consoles to sell at the midnight launch or if they’ll ONLY be allowing for pre-order pickups, but we’re thinking that eager Switch players will come out in droves to be among the first to boot up their Mario machines.

March 3rd is a Friday which means that lines forming on Thursday, March 3rd won’t likely contain kids still in school. Huge bummer for the under 18 crowd. Maybe, if you’re lucky, mom or dad will tuck you in and do the dirty work for you. Sounds like a job better suited for Santa, but I suppose you never know… maybe you’ll get lucky!