Is Nintendo shafting Axiom Verge because of Dan Adelman?

Yesterday we reported that Axiom Verge is finally headed to Nintendo Switch, but it seems as though that’s not really the case. Developer Tom Happ appeared on a podcast to talk about the Switch version of the game, which led many sites (including us) to believe that meant the game is confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.

However, that’s not the case.

As we reported yesterday shortly after our confirmation story, Dan Adelman spoke up to say that Axiom Verge has not been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch and that’s squarely on Nintendo’s shoulders. So why would Adelman say that? According to a tweet exchange with someone asking that very same question, Adelman has been trying to get Nintendo to approve Axiom Verge for over a year now.

So why wouldn’t Nintendo approve Axiom Verge?

I want to state right here that this is speculation on my part. Dan Adelman served as the point of contact for indie developers at Nintendo for several years before departing the company in 2014 to work with indie developers directly, instead of representing them for a specific company.

At the time of his departure, rumors were swirling that Adelman wasn’t happy at the company because of the tight leash Nintendo kept him on, which Adelman confirmed to be true when he announced his departure.

I think people were kind of on pins and needles about anything untoward I might say. And every once in a while, I’d give an answer that people didn’t like, and some people would freak out, so they tried to scale things back. First they had me do interviews with someone from PR or marketing. Later they just decided that I shouldn’t be in the press at all anymore.

Is it possible that Nintendo is shafting Axiom Verge because it’s now represented by Dan Adelman, the very man they ousted because they didn’t like his vocal opinions about how indie games should be represented on the platforms? It wouldn’t be surprising if this is the case, especially since in Adelman’s original tweets he admits that the game has been ready to go “since launch.”

What do you think?

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