Nintendo shuts down Super Mario 64 multiplayer project

Nintendo is by far the most aggressive gaming company when it comes to protecting their intellectual property. While other developers and publishers might be happy that someone is modding their 20 year old game to add multiplayer, Nintendo isn’t. At all.

The company has shut down the Super Mario 64 Online project, which was a mod created by a single person that added online multiplayer to Super Mario 64.

Nintendo has now shut down the project’s Patreon to cut its funding, and not only that, they removed all videos of the Mario 64 multiplayer.

This is another example of Nintendo overreacting and misunderstanding how fan creations like Mario 64 actually help the fan base. What’s so ridiculous about this is that we’re talking about a 20 year old game.

Here’s the latest video of Mario 64 Online with 4 players. Oh wait, it’s no longer available because Nintendo took it down. Apparently it was a massive threat to their gaming empire.