Nintendo shares more info on Amiibos, you can feed them for stat gains


With the upcoming release of Amiibo figures and Super Smash Bros. so close, Nintendo has finally given us more details about how the figures will work with the game. As we already know, you’ll be able to bring your figure into the game by tapping it against the NFC icon on the Wii U GamePad. This new figure is able to level up and fight on its own, with the ability to achieve a maximum level of 50. According to this guide, your Amiibo will also find things for you to feed it to gain stats.

Feed equipment you pick up in the game to your figure players to raise their attack, defence and speed. You can also give a figure player up to three abilities by feeding it equipment with special attributes, and you can customise your FP’s special moves as you do with other fighters in Custom mode.

Figure players can fight on their own and will grow in ability. Depending on how they’re taught and raised, the capabilities and even the personalities of figure players will change, making each amiibo uniquely your own.

The ability to grow your Amiibo how you see fit really reminds me of the late 90’s toy, the Tamagotchi. While your Amiibo figure won’t die, if you’re better in the air than on the ground, training your Amiibo to have better attack stats for your aerial strikes could mean the difference between winning and losing matches.

Are you excited about this new information?