Nintendo share price hits a 5-year high

With the success of the Switch and Pokemon GO, Nintendo share holders are very optimistic about the company’s future: its share price just hit a 5-year high, selling for 31,880 Yen on the Nikkei stock market in Japan, and $35.46 here in the US.

The share price is up almost 30% since the Switch launched a few month ago. The console has been a massive success, selling over 2.7 million units during its first month and has been sold out ever since.

Investors and market analysts are optimistic about Nintendo shares, not just because of the current success, but because they believe the company can continue this into the future.

Nintendo has lots of great games lined up for the Switch this year, and they have plans of releasing more mobile games as well — the company has said that it plans to release two mobile games per year based on their popular franchises.

And it helps that the company is raking in money right now: last quarter Nintendo made more than half a billion dollars in profit.

Nintendo share price hits a 5-year high