Nintendo says Retro Studios is “hard at work”

Metroid Wii U
Retro Studios is a known name among Nintendo fans: it’s the Nintendo-owned development house that made the fantastic Metroid Prime series for the GameCube and Wii. Now of course, the studio is expected to put all its talents into creating an awesome Wii U game, and many expected that game to be another Metroid title (see the awesome Metroid concept art for inspiration). However, Nintendo remains tight-lipped about what goes on inside of Retro. Reggie Fils-Aime was asked by IGN about the situation, and he replied: “Rest assured, the team is hard at work. But I’m not gonna tell you what they’re working on”. Fils-Aime also confirmed that it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything about what Retro is working on anytime soon.

Many were disappointed by the lack of any real surprises from Nintendo at E3 — many were hoping for a title that would really appeal to core gamers, something like Zelda or a Metroid game. Despite being showcased last year, the Wii U Zelda title was completely missing from this year’s E3 lineup. Third party core titles are aplenty, though, including ZombiU, Mass Effect 3, and Assassin’s Creed 3.